GONADS/RingRun–BackBlast.10/11/11–Rookie Rook

Aye, the faithful (and their dogs) gathered for the weekly RingRun, hitting the streets before the rain got under way in earnest.


Crotch Rocket

Rook (FNG)

My Little Friend



MMOB (w/ Finnegan)

OBT (w/ Fenway)


The Thang:

We mixed things up with the Museum Loop today, completing the 4.5 miles in a brisk 8:20 pace.  What can I say?  When you let Moniteur and RoboCop loose at the front of the pack, fast is gonna happen.


Spreadsheets From The Gloom:

_ Pretty impressive to see Crotch Rocket and Rook (in his rookie appearance at the RingRun) leading from the front.  Both are the kind of guys from whom in the past you were likely to hear things like, “I’m not a runner.” And yet … they are.  Our spies tell us Rook was spotted on an 8-mile run along Sharon Road last Wednesday evening.

_ A congregation member reports that just weeks after the opening of MP Pres’s impressive new “Family Outreach Center” (aka “gym”) on Providence Road, the push is on the make sure all members are tithing at a full 10%.  Is that related to the fact that the Outreach Center appears relatively underutilized in a market already saturated with gyms to serve the inside-Fairview population of 43s and their families?  Just askin’ …

_ Swing by East 9th Street next week to see a rare sight — an MMOB campaign sign sprouting in OBT’s front year, well inside the Blue confines of Elizabeth.  Signs roll out this weekend; get in touch w/ MMOB or his campaign headquarters to make sure your yard has one (if you’re so inclined).

_ If you haven’t read it yet, swing by Salinger’s Axe for the latest book review from F3’s own Book Blogger, Tom Joad.  He might change your mind about whether to pick up the latest from the author of “Devil in the White City.”



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  1. Everyone needs to go to Youtube and checkout the following clip:
    “badass honey badger”. That’s a nickname reserved for the absolute toughest amongst us. Take a look and you will agree.

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