F³/AG–BackBlast.8/27/11–The Workout Platter

Aye – we planted the newly inscribed shovel flag on the AG grounds…….. wait a minute, where was the shovel flag? did someone forget the shovel flag????….…… all I can say is thankfully it was in Crotch Rocket’s garage and not mine. So close to getting the Crotch dropped and being just Rocket and then this. Oh well, AG flag was still flying so we did represent. Workout platter today boys, just a little bite of everything.

The Pax:

Expo (War Daddy)

Ann and Hope

CR (co-QIC)

Six Mike (co-QIC)



Tooth on Top


Mickey Thomas

Spooky John

Black bird

Monkey Feet





Craig Mayeux FNG F3 Name: Purchase

Bradford Berry FNG F3 Name: Nutt (with 2 T’s)




The Thang:

I lap around track

Run to Folsom Prison Yard:

Side straddle hoops – 25x

Mountain climbers – 25x

Little baby Crunch – 25x

Wall push ups – 10x

Dips – 10x

Run to Strawberry Field:

Lunge walk



Carolina Dry Dock


Run to Death Valley:

Bear crawl

Crab walk


Backwards runs

Partner carry

Man Makers – 15x

Wide arms – 12x

Stager – left and right – 10x


Run to Lax Field:

Little Baby Crunch


Bear crawl up Aesop’s hill

Crab walk up Aesop

Backward run up Aesop

Robert Plant – 3x

Jacobs Ladder – 1x (remember – platter brothers so just a little bite)

Senator Ramos Office:

Randa-planka rama

Peoples chair – 2x

Burpees x10




Thoughts from the gloom:


24 of the faithful gathered in the gloom for inaugural AG separation workout. QICs predicted 20, so great showing.



Pascal and Expo – taking the whole summer off is not advisable brothers, we are in 2nd gear and eager to get this baby into 3rd.



Triple claps to Nutt for finally posting – Robo’s cohort in retirement has been really busy this summer learning how to file for unemployment and get on government support – around spending 2 months in Europe drinking untold gallons of red wine and eating frogs legs – I know the system is complicated but we go on Saturday – and I know the govt aint working on Sat! – Triple claps brother triple claps. Also, triple claps to Expo for posting after taking a 6 week sabbatical – I believe his quote in the COT after noting his new age of 50 was “don’t recommend taking 6 weeks off” – triple claps War Daddy – don’t be a stranger!


Over/Under 5:05 am:

The most miserable person at AG was not a member of the faithful but had to be the poor dude entertaining his 1 year old and 2 year old on the playground at 7:30 am. I can guess that guy began his tour of duty sometime around 5:05 am when the 2 year old landed in his bed after coming off the 3rd ring rope. That guy looked miserable. I think we can all put ourselves in those depths of hell at one time or another!


Sweeper Sighting:

Curious if Sweeper Boy made an appearance at any location this am? He was sighted around 8:30 pm last night encouraging a neighbor to head home to fetch a bottle of tequila…..


Co-QIC, Post-Workout

Six Mike and Crotch Rocket

4 Replies to “F³/AG–BackBlast.8/27/11–The Workout Platter”

  1. Aye – Sweeper Boy posted @ F3 Freedom on 8/27 and to his credit – there was no sign of recycled tequilla on the turf. Maybe we need to take it up a notch. RW

  2. Thanks to Moniteur, no one can remember the convoluted moniker given to me
    Ch – Chapel Hill – He’ll yes – Go HEELS
    Helms – I am conservative but not that conservative

  3. Chelms! So sorry but I do like that you found a way to blame Moniteur than us!

    I also left off my brother-in law, Harley, I am going to edit post this afternoon when I firgure out how so it will be there in the body of the record. Nice job yesterday.

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