Equipo Maltiempo–8/24/11

Another strong showing this morning, gents.  I suck at math, but our OFAC-complaint attorney confirmed my count of 12 who had gathered in the dim morning light.  

Vets were Angus, Turner, Teed, Tommy, Erich, Chad, Jed, Jason, and Dear Leader.  FNGs were Ralph Hunter, Andy Young, and Dr. Scott (Scott, I am pretty sure you’ve been on call since June, so if you posted the week I was absent, my apologies…I’ll remove your FNG tag.  Good to have you, either way). 

Today’s Syllabus

  • The Audubon — I’ll work on a different warm-up route due to the pending autumnal equinox.   Winter is coming, no one needs to roll an ankle.
  • Sugar Cookies (2x) — walk-out pushups all the way through the freshly lined sand volleyball pit, lunge your back. Mmm, get some.
  • Stairway to Heaven (3x) — three trips up the stairs (hit every one/skip one/bunny hop), 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 15 supine situps, 20 dips, jog down, lunge the flat…wash, rinse, repeat
  • Ralph’s 4-Minute Abs — low hold, high dollies, something else I’ve mercifully forgotten, bikes, and rows
  • Hadrian’s Wall of Pain (directed by Angus) — plyometric ensemble of side-to-sides, front-to-backs, froggies, and decline pushups (w/r/r); one-legged squats; bear-crawl/crabbie patties up and down the small and big hills (w/r/r); 10 pullups 

(Dangit, Goose, that hurts just typing it all out…)

Parting Thoughts

1. Good to see our P2P friends out there again today.  Less work, more talking seems to be their M.O.

2. Was anyone else surprised to see that 2-man tent nestled by the creek this morning?  Hell, I nearly ran into the damn thing.  For some reason, I started channeling Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker….”livin’ in a van, down by the river…”  That, or Ted Bundy.  But, I digress.

3. Dear Leader is intended to be a rotating job.  If anyone wants to take the reins, raise your hand.  We’ve got some veterans from other Charlotte Krewes who know the drill and can bring the pain, but that shouldn’t stop an FNG from picking up the cattle prod.

4. We’re still figuring this thing out – what works (Jake’s Ladder), what doesn’t (Wheelbarrow Suicides).  Even if you don’t want to take the lead, feel free to offer up some new/modified evolution, and we’ll work it into the rotation.  Likewise, if something sucks, say so.  (NB, I don’t mean “suck” in the Chuck-Price-I-hate-bear-crawls-in-the-sand way…that, my good friends, falls into the “tough shite” category of “suck”).

5. Vegas is offering even odds that Brett Taylor has changed his route to avoid the Faithful. Brett, you were missed.

6.  All kidding, aside, folks are getting stronger, and the bitch factor is going down.  Solid, just plain solid.


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